‘Funding for laptops welcome but some schools and students may require more’ - TUI

By piofficer, Wednesday, 22nd April 2020 | 0 comments

The Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) has welcomed the allocation of funding by the Department of Education and Skills for devices such as laptops for those students who require them but has said that some schools may require additional funding.

The union has also highlighted that some students may require additional assistance. 

Speaking today, TUI President Seamus Lahart said:

‘The allocation of €7m for second-level schools to provide laptops to students who require them is a welcome move. However, every school is different, and depending on the communities that they are located in, some schools will have more acute needs than others.

Should particular schools in areas of concentrated disadvantage require more than what they have been allocated in order to provide equipment to students, they should be provided with the necessary additional funding.

In addition, aside from IT facilities, some students may be further disadvantaged in terms of their educational prospects due to the current crisis for a variety of reasons, and their situation must also be prioritised in the coming weeks and months.

Insofar as we have influence, we are determined to ensure that no student should find themselves further disadvantaged as a result of the current crisis.’

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