Teachers’ union extends best wishes to all examination students

By piofficer, Wednesday, 8th June 2016 | 0 comments

The Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI), which represents teachers and lecturers in second level, adult/further education and at third level, has wished all students the best of luck ahead of this year’s state examinations.

Union President Gerry Quinn has advised students to stay calm and remain positive. He has also paid tribute to the commitment of both students and teachers at a time when the education system continues to struggle as a result of the effects of cutbacks.

‘We wish the very best to everybody taking the state examinations this year,’ he said. ‘Students will have worked hard up to now and in general will find that they are better prepared than they think. We would like to pay particular tribute to those mature students who have returned to take the examinations and we hope that they find the experience a rewarding one.’

‘In addition, there are many students of different nationalities taking examinations who may only have acquired English relatively recently. These also deserve special credit.’

‘Over the coming days and weeks, it is important that students take care of themselves. They should eat and sleep properly and take regular exercise and study breaks’.

‘Students should keep things in perspective and remember that these exams need not define their lives. There will be other opportunities to pursue their desired course if this year’s exams do not work out as they wish.’

‘We also praise teachers and students for their hard work and commitment at a time when the education system continues to struggle after several years of cutbacks, particularly the cutting of teacher numbers, the removal of vital middle-management posts such as year head and the abolition of ex-quota guidance counselling provision to schools.’

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