Small increase in teaching applications must be placed in proper context

By piofficer, Friday, 9th March 2018 | 0 comments

TUI today stated that the small increase reported in applications for second level teacher training progamme positions must be placed in proper context

‘While any increase in the numbers applying to become teachers is welcome, this 4% increase is based on a level that has already collapsed due to a system of pay inequality. This small increase will not patch up the deficits already in the system.

Applications for post-primary teaching courses collapsed by 62% in the years following the introduction of pay cuts for new entrants to the profession. Teacher retention is also a very real problem, with a TUI survey last year showing that 29% of recent entrants did not see themselves in the profession in ten years’ time.

We can assure the Minister that the restoration of pay equality will see the significantly greater take-up of teacher training positions that the country requires.’

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