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TUI statement on Minister's announcement re: Calculated Grades

By piofficer 01 Sep 2020 | 0 comments
While the clear preference of the TUI was always that the written examinations would proceed, the Union recognised that this was not possible due to the public health emergency and members engaged with the Calculated Grades system so that our students would have a mechanism to progress to the next phase of their lives. From the earliest stages of its engagements with the other stakeholders on the Calculated Grades process, the TUI demanded and got an assurance from the Department that the system would not involve school profiling and that the level of achievement of every student, irrespective of their school or of socioeconomic background, would be fairly reflected in the Calculated Grades they secure. We note the Minister’s announcement on these and related matters today and we trust that no student will be disadvantaged by the Calculated Grades process or by circumstances outside their control. It is important to state once again that implementation of these measures on an emergency basis will not and cannot be regarded as a precedent. In addition, we welcome the provision of 1,250 additional CAO places in Higher Education Institutions, including Institutes of Technology. in Higher Education Institutions, including Institutes of Technology.

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Survey findings highlight huge challenges involved in safe re-opening of schools – TUI calls for strict adherence to regulations and more resources

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A new survey of over 120 second level schools has illustrated the significant challenges and issues involved in a safe reopening for the new academic year. The online poll of a sixth of the total number of the country’s second level schools was carried out last week by the Principals’ and Deputy Principals’ Association of the Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI).   

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‘Health and safety must remain the key priority’ - Initial TUI reaction to guidance on return to post-primary schools

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Responding to the publication by Government of the document Reopening Our Schools: The Roadmap for The Full Return to School, the Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) has said that health and safety must remain the key priority and that additional resources should be made immediately available if the initial budget does not prove sufficient.    The Union has also said that it expects ongoing and intensive engagement with the Department to address arising issues and matters that have yet to be finalised.    Comments from TUI President Martin Marjoram:    

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