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The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) has launched a new report entitled European Quality Framework for Apprenticeship (2016). The report is available to download at this link. 

Usage of the 33 Croke Park Agreement Hours - update

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The following information has issued to branch officers and workplace representatives.
Members of the Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) have voted by a margin of 63% to 37% (on a turnout of 57%) to accept a proposed agreement with the Department of Education and Skills.
Based on discussion with the Department of Education and Skills (DES) and in accordance with the verbal assurance provided by Mr Kevin Foley (then Director of Conciliation at the Labour Relations Commission), the TUI’s clear understanding is that there is nothing in Sections 3.2 or 4 of the Lansdowne Road Agreement (LRA) that prevents the union taking action in regard to matters of key concern to members. In that context the union is aware that it is the expectation of the DES that the union would, in accordance with standard practice, utilise normal IR machinery/agreed procedures in advance of taking such action.

Joanne Irwin elected as TUI President

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Following a ballot of members, Joanne Irwin (Co. Donegal Branch) has been elected as President of the Teachers' Union of Ireland (effective from 1st July 2016).

Vote 'YES' to progress TUI's campaign for pay parity

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Voting YES for the proposed DES/TUI agreement – which involves being covered by the LRA - will allow the TUI to prosecute to successful conclusion our campaign for pay parity. The Programme for Government is clear in indicating that the matter can be addressed only within a collective agreement, using the soon to be established Public Sector Pay Commission. The relevant collective agreement from 1st July is the LRA.
The Executive Committee of TUI recommends that members vote 'YES' to accept the proposed Department of Education and Skills/TUI agreement.

Video 2 - Vote 'YES' to open door to pay equalisation

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A new video message from the TUI President is set out below
The following text appears on the cover of the TUI News ballot special, which is being posted out to all workplaces today. Click here to download full TUI News ballot special. 

TUI News Ballot Special

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Click here to download the TUI News Ballot Special on the proposed Department of Education and Skills/TUI agreement TUI’s Executive Committee is recommending that members vote to accept the proposed Department of Education and Skills/TUI agreement of 2016 which addresses a number of issues of key concern to TUI members. These are issues which had not been addressed by the LRA.
The Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) welcomes the publication of the Cush report on Fixed-Term and Part-Time Employment in Lecturing in Third Level Education in Ireland.
Link to proposed Department of Education and Skills/TUI agreement

Ballot for position of TUI President

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There are two candidates in the national ballot of members for the position of TUI President. Profiles of both candidates have already been sent in hard copy to all TUI workplaces.

Latest TUI News magazine

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The latest TUI News will issue to workplaces in the coming days. This edition of the magazine includes a full report on resolutions carried at Annual Congress 2016. Click here to download.

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