Teaching Hours

Vocational Schools
Teachers in Vocational Schools may be required to teach up to a maximum of 22 hours. 

In the case of a teacher in an Assistant Principal post of responsibility the number of class contact hours are 18 per week.  The number of class contact hours of a teacher in a post of responsibility of Special Duties Teacher are in the range 21-22 hours per week.  Actual teaching hours for Principals and Deputy Principals are set out in a schedule in CL 58/98.

TUI policy on travelling time is that where a wholetime teacher is asked to travel between two or more centres, the amount of time travelling, together with class contact hours must not exceed 22 hours per week.

Community & Comprehensive Schools
Teachers in Community and Comprehensive Schools may be required to teach up to 22 hours.  The hours and conditions for Assistant Principal postholders, Principals and Deputy-Principals in Community and Comprehensive Schools are as for those in Vocational Schools.

Institutes of Technology
At third level an Assistant Lecturer lectures a norm of 18 hours per week which may be varied from 16 to 20 in consultation with the lecturer.  For Lecturer and Senior Lecturer grades they lecture a norm of 16 hours per week which may be varied from 14 to 18 in consultation with the lecturer.  A weighting of hours to apply to hours worked after 6.00 p.m. The weighting to be 1.5.  When an Assitant Lecturer, Lecturer or Senior Lecturer is supervising a Tutor/Demonstrator a reduction in teaching hours will be applied on the basis of one hour reduction per three hours demonstration/tutorials supervised.

A lecturer should be consulted prior to being given a timetable which deviates from the norm.  If there is a suggestion that the lecturer might have a timetable which exceeds the norm for a period of the academic year the lecturer should get a firm commitment indicating when the commensurate period of time would commence when the timetable would fall below the norm.

The Public Service Agreement (2011) provides that individuals in lecturing grades may be required at the discretion of management to flex upwards by up to two lecturing hours above the current norms in each of the lecturing weeks in the year and will do so if so required.


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